Monday, November 18, 2019

Is overpopulation a global crisis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Is overpopulation a global crisis - Essay Example Another definition of overpopulation is that it is â€Å"the condition of having a population as dense as to cause environmental deterioration and impaired quality of life or a population crash† (Gonzalez 117). These two definitions of overpopulation seem to have some differences as well as some commonalities. First of all, both definitions are based on the fact that overpopulation is based on the fact that there might be too many people as opposed to resources in a given area. This implies that overpopulation occurs when there are more people in relation to the resources available to them for their survival and livelihoods. On the other hand, the two writers are not in agreement about the scope of globalization. Whilst Pitzl defines globalization in terms of countries or geographical regions, Gonzalez views it as a global matter which has an impact on the natural environment. This means that the first definition localizes the idea of overpopulation whilst the second generatio n looks at it as a global problem or issue. Reasons why Overpopulation is a Global Issue In this world, resources and the natural environment are shared. Instead of having a limited access to natural resources, most resources in the natural environment transcend natural borders. ... This often results in pressure over natural resources, pollution, congestion, unorganized development amongst others. Nagel and Guinness identify that overpopulation can be defined in terms of having a population that is above the normal level that a nation or community can hold (111). The standard level of population that a community's resources can support is known as the optimum population (Nagel and Guinness 111). However, when the population goes above the optimum population, there is an increasing pressure on resources and the living standards of the community would begin to decline. Hence, there would be the non-sustainable use of natural resources, and the over-use of elements of the natural environment. This leads to pressure not only on local resources but on the global ecological balance. This is because when natural resources are put to a use that is beyond the normal, there would be some implications for other resources outside the nation or community. Over population ca uses nations around the world to get concerns. This is because population leads to migration. And if there is migration, nations with optimal populations are also affected and they would have to find ways and means of reducing the flow of migrants into their countries. For example, in the case of China which shares a long border with Russia, there is a major threat to the Russian economy and Russian natural resources if the population of China moves further up. This is because when China's population grows, the pressure on Chinese resources would be so high that a section of the Chinese community would have to leave the country in order to find other resources to survive on. This means that Russia would be

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