Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Assignment2 person2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Assignment2 person2 - Assignment Example The above agencies are assisted by the Association des Hoteliers et Restaurateurs de li’lle Maurice, which is a non profitable organization established in 1973 to represent and sponsor the interests of hoteliers and restaurant owners (International Travel and Tourism, 2012). Various natural attractions form the pride of Mauritius tourist business. They vary from man-made features, beaches, interesting fauna and flora, to the culture of the indigenous people. The sub – tropical climate is also exceptionally fine for holiday seekers. Five star beach resorts and hotels that offer top class accommodation services to visitors facilitate these attractions. The hotels and resorts are renowned for being among the best in the world in reliability (Reid & Bojanic 2006, p. 209 Mauritius has taken approximately 30 years to develop from a low-income country to a medium income country. The country started with an economy that heavily relied on agriculture but currently, the economy r elies on several strong sectors. The economy was dependent on agricultural products such as sugar and textile products. A decline in the world sugar market and the dwindling textile industry prompted the government to explore other avenues including the expansion of the tourism industry. ... Statistics from the International Travel and Tourism organization (2012) indicate that Mauritius received 18,000 visitors in the year 1970. The figure has then risen to 103,000 in the year 1977 and subsequently to an approximate figure of 656,450 visitors in the year 2000. Most of the tourists visiting Mauritius come from European countries. However due to the economic downturn experienced in 2011 especially in Europe, the government was forced to act by searching for alternative markets. Statistics from the International Travel and Tourism (2012) also indicated that Mauritius received 964,642 tourists in the year 2011 that was low compared to 965,642 visitors in the year 2012. In the year 2012, the market was slightly improving. The first course of action that the government took in 2011 was to provide direct fights to Africa and Asia. The two regions boosted the country at a time when travelers from the other regions were adversely affected by the global economic crisis. The Maurit ius government has been busy developing new strategies to compete in the tourism market. This includes the recent action plan dubbed the â€Å"opening of the sky†, which is aimed at improving the local tourism industry. The strategy puts emphasis on the development of new markets. To get new markets, the government will have to forge relationships with new countries and market their products in the new countries i.e. new countries represent potential markets. The authorities will also have to seek new client profiles (Mehta, Rosenbloom & Anderson 2000, p. 77). Future of Tourism in Mauritius The government has also put emphasis on the construction of new facilities such as hotels to accommodate the increasing

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